A few weeks ago I spent 4 days in San Diego and shot a quick video about what I ALWAYS bring with me, for my morning routine and stay-sane-on-planes self-care! If you've been wanting to get the toxins out of your beauty routine, hair care and self-care, this is exactly what I use and love. No toxins, all natural ingredients, and it feels DIVINE.

You can get everything I mention for 25% off when you have a membership with doTERRA. Most people start with this Starter Package (and if you order by April 15th, you'll get a free bottle of Deep Blue Rub – my fave solution to monthly cramps and sore backs.) – http://bit.ly/2WVouMS

Shampoo – http://bit.ly/2X0VP9h
Facial Cleanser – http://bit.ly/2WSR956
Immortelle Serum – http://bit.ly/2WVsk8q
Rose Touch – http://bit.ly/2WXlcst
Root to Tip Serum – http://bit.ly/2WXkOKx
Deodorant – http://bit.ly/2WT9Wx1
(new sensitive skin deodorant: http://bit.ly/2WTarqT)
Frankincense: http://bit.ly/2WTnrwO
Serenity: http://bit.ly/2WOfqJs
Neroli Touch: http://bit.ly/2WVqDIq
Frankincense Touch: http://bit.ly/2WVt39E
Hope Touch (my daily perfume): http://bit.ly/2WVwqO8
Peppermint Touch: http://bit.ly/2WOewN4
Breathe Touch: http://bit.ly/2WTsIEw

Got a question about how to get started with oils? Email me: tara@taraswiger.com. I'm here to hep!

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