What's your biggest craftybiz question?

What do you feel is the biggest thing standing between you and your independence?

For most of my adult life, I thought it was knowledge.
I thought if I knew more, read more, studied more…I could craft the life I wanted.

And I brought that to you, to what we do together…I thought the thing you were missing was knowledge.

So I taught classes and built a Starship.

But then everything shifted. After about a month in the Starship, I realized that everyone  wasn't really asking “How Do I Do This?”

They were asking,

What do I do next?
How do I get there?

Now, it's easy to answer those questions with definite I-know-what's-right answer. I can say, You do this, then this and this. I can answer with my smarts.

But doesn't address the heart of the question.
It makes you dependent on The Person With The Answers.

YOU have the answers.

You know the things to do to build a successful business.

(and if you really are new to the whole business thing, the Starship is full of classes that teach you the basics)

What you really want to know is “How do I take what I know and turn it into what I want?”

When I realized this is the real question, I knew I don't want to give you another pile of smarts; I want to help you unfold what you know.
I want to help you compose your OWN map to your independence.

I want you to take everything you've learned
and turn into a path to walk.

And so I looked at my business: what really turned all that knowledge into independence?
It was a process: taking the knowledge, focusing on one endpoint and then breaking it down into it's parts.
Turning all that into something that would hold my attention until I got to the endpoint.

I took that process and I created a Map-Making Guide.

The guide will help you unearth all that you already know.
It will help you plan it out in a smart way.
And it will help you create something visual and visible that will keep your path in your mind, even when you get distracted.

You can get the Map-Making Guide right here.

What is keeping YOU from crafting your independence?
Knowledge? Or knowing how to apply that knowledge?



A huge thanks to two Cadets who helped make this Map-Making Guide possible:

Amy Crook illustrated a lovely stone map, princess, dragon and other map-tastic goodies.

Lori-Ann Claerhout was editor extrodinaire. She helped me clarify, simplify, and spell right.

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