Today is the official birth day of this here site and I couldn't be happier to have you join me!

It's also MY birthday, so while I'm scarfing gluten-free chocolate chip cookies and drinking too much coffee and having ice cream on my pancakes (maybe even in that order), please poke around and tell me what you like.

I'm having a little online party  too.

To join in, tweet me a link to a ridiculous birthday cake (it can be yours or anyone's) or (better yet!) email me a recording of you singing happy birthday (video or audio). If I get enough of these (say, more than 5), I'm going to edit them together and share them tomorrow, right here.

If you tweet or email me, I'll send you a super-secret link to Party Favors (free stuff!).

Have a lovely my-birthday and happy your-day!

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  • Snappy Mirthday, Tara ~ !
    The site looks as fresh as a newborn ~
    may it skip the Terrible Twos and any Teen Angst for you, its parent,
    but, like you, only grow more spry as it adds birthdays ~


  • Happy birthday, Tara and Site!

    Hmmm. I don't know if I can resist the invitation to SING you a happy birthday. But alas, I'm at the Day Job and I have an evening class and my digital recorder is at home on my desk. We'll see how my voice sounds late tonight… you have been warned. ;o)

  • Happy birthday
    Here is a pretty cake for your birthday.

  • I LOVE YOUR SITE!!! Unapologetically wonky – that totally made my day. Big love and birthday kisses, darling!

  • Yay! Thanks Kyeli!

  • Oh, yum! Thanks for the cake!

  • Oh, please please please! Sing to me, baby!

  • Thanks so much MissGirlPie!

  • TaraSwiger

    Thank so much GirlPie!

  • TaraSwiger

    Yay! Singing would be fabulous!

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