Since today's my anniversary (yay!) and I'm spending the day shooting videos for Explore You (eep!), today I wanted to just highlight some of my favorite moments of the Exploration Party. You can find all the inspiring stories here (and I highly recommend reading them when you need a dose of happy!)

Pulling my favorite exploring photos for an #exploreyou project. (Starts Monday! Detail on site)


“Exploration is about living in a state of what if? There’s no place I’d rather be.”



“Bolivia is a place for exploration and new ideas. Bolivia is where I can jump into things without worrying about mistakes. There is no place for feeling embarrassed in my Bolivia.

My map needs to be refined but I’m busy packing. And I am terrified. What does your Bolivia look like? I’ve got an extra ticket, so come join me. We’ll figure out Bolivia together.”

Vanessa (Bolivia = a metaphor for what she's exploring)

“So, this year has been about bravely countering those old beliefs with a lot of exploration and creating new beliefs to live by.”



“But mostly what I’ve learned is that there aren’t that many rules right now. All the tried-and-true get worn-out-and-dull and there’s technology changes every day. The one rule that holds true is there there are people out there who will love what you do and what you offer—which I’ve seen over the last 7+ years on CraftLit and Just-the-Books—and that when you find those people and listen to them and give them more of what they want, they’ll stick with you.”


“After six years of self-employment, I can tell you that everything changes all the time, but one thing stays the same: uncertainty!”

Diane (who is sharing a handy worksheet for exploring your assets!)


Not surprisingly, ignoring problems doesn’t work.

As a part of my turn-around plan I committed to weekly financial tracking. And I stuck to it. No excuses.”



“I'm going to let you in on a big-time secret right now, are you ready for it?

You Are Creative.

Seriously. Don't believe me?  Keep reading, I'm going to tell you some of my tips for being creative, and how I've been exploring my own creativity this summer.  It's all about openness and adventure.”

“In the Starship I've had access to classes and counsel from other creative business owners like me, and I've learned that I can change my business (and really, my LIFE) if I just sit down and take the time to explore what's working – and what isn't working – and map out the steps to make the changes I need in order to get back on track with where I want to be.”



Are you ready to explore? Join us to explore what's not working in your business and how to find your own answers!



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