August 12-16.


I believe that your business (and life) thrives when you explore what you love, to craft a business (life) you love.

The good news: you already are an explorer. You try things. You experiment. You figure out what works and you learn from it.


To celebrate the explorer inside you (and everyone else) – I'm throwing an Exploration Party!

I've asked everyone to share a story of their own adventures..and all those stories will be linked below – for you to read, connect, and become inspired by!


Desirea explored weaving with handspun yarn!

Katie transformed her business! 

Alison explores creativity (and you can too!)

Heather explores the power of a clear vision.

Vanessa is exploring {secret code word} Bolivia!

Beverly explores poetry.

Amy is making a big change and undertaking a big exploration.

Kristy explores her quilting passion (and business).

Kate explores her style.

Holly explores swatching (and loving it).

Jessica explores being deeply brave.

Jess explores what isn't working, and changes it. 

Diane provides a handy worksheet to explore your assets.

Kimberly explores sewing.

Kirsten explores a crossover.

Kathleen explores bravery and taking advice.

Sara explores linocut!

Pace is exploring what it means to be Pace, not just half of “Pace and Kyeli”.

Sarah experiments with anti-perfectionism. 

FullMoon explores buying a car. 

Sarah explores slowing down (instead of rushing forward)

Karen explores the inside.

Sheila explores color. 

Kylie becomes a pleasure explorer!

Yvonne explores the adventure in life.

Vanessa explores (again!) our baggage around change.

Birdy explores stories and the other side. 

Sara explores her local forest!

Penny is exploring imperfection. 

Gwen is exploring doing more of what she loves.



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