Mindfulness is essential to success in your creative biz, listen in to this episode of Explore Your Enthusiasm to listen to Tara Swiger and Kara Gott-Warner chat about about their favorite mindfulness tools. Listen in at TaraSwiger.com/podcast177

In today's episode I talked with Kara Gott-Warner of The Power Purls Podcast, we talked about mindfulness, and some of our favorite mindfulness tools including apps and of course essential oils.

Kara is a knitter, podcaster, business coach, and also a certified nutritional consultant. She focuses on working with individuals who wish to create a holistically – balanced life and business that converges creativity with mindful living, – “knitting together” creativity, body, mind and spirit.

Be sure to visit The Power Purls Podcast for more about Kara's favorite mindfulness tools!

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