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How to create a successful business

How to create a successful business

Before we go much farther with this me-answering-your-questions thing, let's talk about the BIG question.

The one that wakes you up at night, the one that you can't seem to find an easy answer for, the big secret everyone else seems to know:

How do I create a successful business?

I've got TWO answers, one simple and one complex, for this most-asked question.


The most important thing is to decide what success means to YOU.

What will success look like in your business? Leave a comment below or tweet it.

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Winner – Handmade Marketplace


Time to give away a copy of Handmade Marketplace!

The winner is:


She (like many of you!) asked about pricing.

Handmade marketplace has good information about pricing, and I have all sorts of things to say about. In fact, I talked about pricing briefly in the free crafty-biz  Q+A.   Maybe I'll do a full class in the future?

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest!