How can you make your social media posts full of your own, authentic self - without sharing all the "hot mess" details of your life? We'll talk about that in this episode, and I'll give you a FREE worksheet to help you plan your posts! Get it at

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How can you be a real person  and not be a hot mess, on social media?

In this episode, inspired by something Caitlin Bacher said at Schoolhouse Craft, I’m going to give you three questions to answer, so you can figure it out once and for all. These questions will help you develop your strategy and connect with your customers, without sounding like either a robot (boring!) or oversharing (ew!).

Want to be authentic online? This week we're revisiting a popular episode from the past and adding a bonus – get a FREE worksheet to help you work through the questions from this episode! Grab it here.

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