Each week I bring you a lesson on your creative business and mindset…except for recently. Because of the Coronavirus and foster care and needing to care for my own mental health, I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus from the podcast.

Last week I had a podcast recorded for my birthday, about what I’ve learned this year, but amid everything that is happening, as America really grapples with racism, it didn’t feel appropriate. I want to keep our attention on what matters. 

This week I’m popping back in your feed to share other business and mindset podcasts that I think you’ll love, all of them hosted by black women. 

As I was thinking about if I wanted to record and what, if anything, I wanted to share, I realized that what YOU come here for is help with your business and encouragement in building it. And the best way I can serve you right now is to tell you other awesome business podcasts to listen to, while I continue my podcast hiatus, specifically podcasts by black women. 

Because here’s the thing – we all have implicit (meaning unconscious) biases. These biases affect what we listen to, who we pay attention to, who we trust. 

One of the ways we defeat these biases is to notice them and then work at changing them. And one of the best ways is to pay attention and then purposefully change your feeds. 

Changing your feeds isn’t the ONLY step, you also need to be educating yourself and interrogating your beliefs! 

 Book Recommendations for educating yourself on how to be anti-racist:


But changing your feed is an important step because, now more than ever, your reality and your beliefs are SHAPED by your feeds. Google and Facebook show you search results and NEWS based on your feeds and activity. 

Your world is being created by the voices you actively choose to listen to. 

Your life is created by your actions, your actions are caused by your thoughts and your thoughts are being shaped by what you see online, especially in spaces YOU and the algorithms have curated.

So let’s get your feeds full of brilliant black business women. 

Side Hustle Pro by Nicaila Mathews Okome

Nicaila interviews black women entrepreneurs who have scaled their side hustles into full-time entrepreneurship. Lately she’s been doing a “rewind” episodes where she shares the steps in her own business journey. I think y’all will like  episode 199 where she shares how to start a side hustle and her own journey and episode  195, where she talks to a jewelry designer who hustled for 10 years before turning it into a full-time business. 


Pimp your brilliance with Monique Malcom

Lessons on finances, business, creating a plan to turn your creative passion into a business. Monique is real about her struggles and the feel of the show is more casual, like this one. I think you’ll like episode 83: 5 ways to find focus while social distancing and episode 78: 6 systems for your creative business.


Support is sexy with Elayne Fluker

Elayne does interviews with a variety of women entrepreneurs, including Etsy sellers, authors  and psychologists and doctors. There is a great episode from May 1 on dealing with stress during coronavirus, where Elayne speaks with a therapist. I think listeners of this podcast will really want to tune in to episode 725 on how to build a million dollar Etsy business. 


Journey to Launch with Jamila Soufrant

This is a financial focused podcast that has interviews with many entrepreneurs and regular folks who have paid off their debt. I think you’ll like episode 129 on quitting your dayjob to follow your creative passion.


Be School withTaylor Elyse

Taylor is an embodiment coach and the focus of her show is on mindset and confidence and flow. Be School is a combination of interviews and mini-lessons, similar to the ones I teach here. Her episodes always encourage me. She posts new episodes TWICE a week, so if you’re desperate for new episodes, list in! I think you’ll love episode 304: Imposter Syndrome.

Now, these are just the business shows I like, and I don’t even really listen to business podcasts! Lemme know your fave podcasts by black women  over on Instagram I’m @TaraSwiger 


In the meantime, I’m extending my unplanned podcast break into a full summer sabbatical. I will go back to weekly episodes of Explore Your Enthusiasm the first week of August! Until then, you can find new bookish videos on YouTube.

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