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Where to start with small business accounting – Ask Tara #1

Welcome to the first episode to Ask Tara!
Today I'm answering the question of where to start with accounting and bookkeeping for your small creative business. I share my clients' favorite accounting resources and walk you through what I do.


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Ask Tara

5 ways to celebrate Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!


Sometimes I think Earth Day (or Month or Hour) is silly…shouldn't we be working on these things everyday? But I'm starting to think that setting aside one day draws more attention to the issue and gives a reason to reflect or research on changes we may already know we need to make!

I write about these things pretty much all the time, so in celebration of Earth Day, let's go over a few way to make your crafting decisions a bit more green:

1. Be a locavore! (I know it's not technically crafty, but I think of cooking and baking as crafting!)

2. Spin with recyled fiber!

3. Use organic cotton. Why? Here's your answer!

4. Work with local, small-farm materials!

5. Rethink bamboo

What are your ideas for creating “geen”? Any topics I haven't covered that you'd like me to research?