Pricing Your Handmade Goodness

Finding your Right Price + Learning to Love It.

You make something fantastic.
By hand.
With the best materials you can find.
Pouring your time and effort and skill into it.

And you daydream, wouldn’t it be great to get paid to do this?
To share my thing with the world and actually pay some bills with it?

But what would I charge?

What’s the right price?

If it’s too high, will I scare away customers?
If it’s too low, will I make enough to continue?
Is there a balance?

After selling my handmade yarn for 7 years, I know that the answer is yes.

The pricing process doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark.

It can be based on numbers and facts and math.
It can be based on value and feelings and rightness.

Your price can make sense financially and emotionally.
It can feel good.

In this class , we’ll work on both aspects of pricing: the Numbers and the Rightness.

Because it’s not about the number.

I know, it feels like it is.
But it’s really about valuing your work.
Placing your work in a specific market.
Reaching your Right People.
Growing your business sustainably.
Making enough to do what you love.

Getting your price right is the first step.
Getting OK with your price is the second step.

Without both steps, you won’t ask for (or get) enough to continue to share your thing and grow your business.

In this class, learn about putting it all together: Figuring out the Right Price + Getting Comfortable Asking for it.

I’ll answer your questions:

How to I charge for the time I put into this?
Can I afford to sell at wholesale discounts?
How do I know if this is sustainable?
I worry customers won’t buy if I charge this much!

Are you ready to figure out your right price + learn to love it?

Stay tuned, because this class will be back and better than ever very soon!

What you'll get:

  • mp3 recording (can be played on computer or any mp3 player)
  • Summary of the original live call for this class (all of the major points + questions + answers)
  • Worksheet with formulas for finding your Right Price
  • Weekly tips on growing a crafty business, via email

Come back soon!