Ever since I talked about my process of working on and dealing with my Anxiety and Depression (listen in here!), I've been asked, “So what works?”

I'm gave an overview in this podcast episode (and a a bit of it here), but let's go deeper into one of the answers (along with therapies, CBT, apps, sleep and exercise): essential oils.

Weird (maybe), but there's a good number of studies that back it up.

I'm gonna share more about how to use them, which ones have research to back them up, and why I'm a fan in an upcoming (free!) workshop.

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In the webinar I'll talk more about why I get my oils from this company (doTerra!), but this is a big reason.


For business owners

I also mentor doTerra biz owners in building their businesses (I'll share more of that story too!), as part on my ongoing Mission to help passionate people build sustainable businesses and learn to become their own best expert. I'll do a second webinar where I explain why in the world I decided to do this + how you can get mentored by me on your own business. If you've signed up above, you'll get the invite!