Want to learn how to Pay Yourself?

You want gorgeous, growing, beaming support from the work you love. You work hard, implement your ideas and move towards your goal.

But you still wonder: How do I actually get there? To the point where I'm making money, paying myself and building something sustainable?

Here's the truth: there's no big secret, no hidden skill, no thing-you-don't-already-have. Except one: Profit.

Everything you sell, every project you work on, and every new “opportunity” you jump on must be profitable for your overall business to be profitable.

And while I know you know this (right?)… have you done the math and the figurin' to discover what this means for your particular business? Do you know the profit margin on every product/class/design you make?

If not, it's time you do.

Focusing on Profit needn't make you feel like a Ferengi. There's a way to pay yourself and still feel like a human. And an artist.

The way you profit and remain human is simple: Be honest. Look at your real numbers. Find out what needs improvement. Make a plan for moving towards it. All with honesty with yourself and with your supporters.

Profit and money and our living becomes stifled and stressful when we ignore it. When we pretend we can go on not thinking about it. When we just hope that if we price everything based on the “market” we'll be fine. That if we work a little harder, it'll all work out.

But this doesn't work. This doesn't save you stress. Ignoring your numbers leaves you with a knot in your gut and dread at every expense.

You're ready for more.

You're ready to know your numbers and make decisions with clarity. You're ready to stop dreading, and start acting.

Let's explore your profit.
Let's find out what your metrics of profitability and satisfaction are. Let's find what's not working and make a plan for fixing it. Let's find the holes in your ship and plug 'em.

Let's find a way to Pay Yourself.
In this workshop, we're going to identify your path to profit with weekly video lessons (and transcripts), with worksheets & tempaltes, so you actually APPLY it. At the end of the 6-week workshop you'll have a plan you can use with joy and ease to continue to grow your business.

Pay Yourself is available only in the Starship Program.

The class includes:

  • 6 lessons (video + written) available each week right here in the classroom space. We'll also send you an email each week to remind you to come back and work on the next lesson.
  • A gentle workbook that takes you through all of your own numbers, and the math-y truth of your business.
  • A beautiful PDF of the entire course for you to refer to again and again.
  • A look at Tara's own systems for money-planning + how she decides to take on a new project.


Your weekly lessons will include:

  • A new video lesson, along with the written transcript
  • Worksheets, so that you WILL apply the lessons to your specific business.
  • Spreadsheet templates to help you with the math (the math is both in worksheet form and in a spreadsheet, so you can do it the way you like best!)

What we'll cover:


  • Setting an intention + staying organized {video}
  • Worksheet: Getting the most from this exploration
  • Resource: The numbers you need to gather

Lesson 1:

  • What is profitable? {video}
  • Why your business is unprofitable {video}
  • Worksheet: Product page

Lesson 2:

  • Profitable Math: Explained {video}
  • BONUS: Double-check your break even point if you make big supply orders {video}
  • Worksheet: How to do the math for your products (we'll cover crafters, designers, writers, and teachers)

Lesson 3:

  • Budgets: A tool for earning more, not spending less {video, with my real-life examples}
  • Worksheet: What do you want to make in a month?

Lesson 4:

  • Expanding on what IS working (and how to fix what isn't) {video}
  • Worksheet: What is working? What isn't?

Lesson 5:

  • Creating a system to apply to anything to decide if it'll be profitable or not. {video}
  • Worksheet: Your system of checks

Lesson 6:

  • All of the things that have nothing to do with money…and when “opportunity” is just an excuse not to pay you. {video}
  • Worksheet: Other Than Money


Wanna learn how to Pay Yourself?

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