The BEST way to make all your dreams come true?

  1. Get clear on what you really want.
  2. Break it down into do-able steps.
  3. Tell someone who can hold you gently, non-guiltily accountable.
  4. Reassess and adjust regularly.


I've put together all my tools and questions to guide you through getting clear, breaking it down, and regularly reassessing, into the new book, Map Your Business. 

Map Your Business is the combination of my New Year planning system (exclusive to my online community since 2010!), the Map Making Guide, and the monthly review sheets I use each month to stay on track. (In 2016 I used this process to grow my business 50% in 2016, while working fewer hours than ever before.)

 What's included in Map Your Business:

  • A review of last year
  • Plotting your North Star
  • Planning exploration for this year
  • Monthly reviews + planners to be filled out every month
  • Worksheets, lists and prompts to help you remember (and plan for) everything that's coming up
  • Map Making process, that guides you to break down your goals into doable steps.


This guide will lead you to:

  • Orient yourself in where you are right now
  • Define your success
  • Shape your coming year around your own landscape
  • Create a doable plan that you can readjust as necessary

Get Map Your Business!

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