I'm so excited you're interested in learning about building a business with me and doTERRA!

When I was trying to decide if I wanted to start education on essential oils and mentoring doTERRA biz partners, I was looking for a super-simple  overview of how a  business would work. I couldn't find one, so I've written one for you:

  1.  You use and love the oils
  2. You talk to people about the oils – always with the focus of education, NOT selling
  3. You don't just try to sell them to everyone you know; you become a community educator – we have dozens of workshops you can teach!
    {If the idea of teaching people about alternative health options and using essential oils in their life repulses you, this business is probably not for you. That's ok! Just enjoy your oils in your own life! And if you change your mind, come back here!}
    If, however, you feel scared and excited and nervous (could I really do this?!), we can help with that. Between regular mentoring, accountability and education, you'll be ready to teach workshops, have conversations, and share essential oils.}
  4. You sell the oils to people who want them:
    86% of people who are into the oils will just be users and buyers. You will help them set up their own member account (so they can get free stuff and earn points!) and you earn a commission of everything they order, forever.

The KEY is that it's never your job to convince anyone. Your job = tell interested people the information and education they need to decide if they wanna try essential oils. If they love them and wanna tell their friends, doTerra rewards them (they can be a sharer and host workshops you lead, or they can start their own business). Unlike a lot of direct-selling companies, we're not trying to convince people to build businesses, we're sharing the joy of oils with the world. When someone is interested in the business, we share that with them!

I am dedicated to giving the education and encouragement and tools to people who are committed to doing the work.Where a lot of direct selling companies fail is in not empowering enthusiastic biz-newbies with the appropriate business skills. (So they end up spamming you on Facebook.)

 Imma fix that.


This is absolutely not an easy way to get-rich-quick, it IS an effective system to build a business that gives you freedom, selling a high quality product that people LOVE and reorder at delightfully high rates.


If you want a system that works, a team of people to support you (entrepreneurship is lonely, yo!)  and you're willing to do the work and stretch beyond your comfort zone, this is a great way to build a business. 


Want to learn more about the business and how we can work together to reach your goals, through personal mentoring?

Fill out this form to learn more: https://goo.gl/forms/MalbI7IJL5bcmlWF2

Rather get the oils in your hands first?

Here are the steps to get started (you can get the oils now and talk to me ANYTIME about starting the business, once you know you LOVE the products)

1. Buy the oils! 

You need to click here, click “join”, pick your country and then choose a “Wholesale Customer”.

This going to give you a wholesale account with anytime access to the member pricing (with no minimum order and no ongoing commitment!).

A member account is like a Sam's Club card – it's $35 and then gives you wholesale pricing. You can literally start your business with the $35 + a $20 oil. No need to buy more.

But! The key to any business is being knowledgeable about the product and having some oils to share! So I heartily recommend you start with a kit. And when you do? The $35 fee is waived.  If you just want to use the oils for your family, start with the Home Essentials Kit. If you want to replace all the toxic stuff around your house or start a business, start with the Natural Solutions Kit.


2. Get your oils and let us know you're ready to build your biz! 

Once you've done the above and your oils have arrived, you'll hear from me! I'll email you within one week of your order showing up in our system!

If you want to be mentored in this business, tell me! I am working directly (weekly coaching) with those interested in building a 6-figure business in the next year. But I am training a dozen fabulous mentors that will help you no matter your goal. Nothing is too small or big!