What would help you actually DO the stuff you've learned to do in classes, workshops and blog posts?
What would help you move beyond *thinking* to *doing*?

Taking classes, reading blog posts, learning learning learning is all good.

But not putting it into action?
It can be frustrating and disheartening.
You question your motivation, your smartness, your whole business idea.

I've been there.

But here's the thing:

I  know you're not lazy and you're not wrong.

You're just unclear. The classes and worksheets and blog posts (even mine!) aren't personalized to YOUR business.

You need clarity, you need direction and then you need some accountability.

The secret recipe to crafting a business.

Really, it's no secret. You probably know it too, you just may not know how to get it.

To be successful at growing (or even starting!), you need:
  1. Knowledge:  Knowing what to do, how to do it, why you're doing it.
  2. Personalized application: How does this knowledge (whatever it is) fit in with YOUR business. How can you actually apply it. And what should you do FIRST?
  3. Keeping it up: Doing the thing you know you should do. Being consistent.
Here's how I can help you with that:
  1. Knowledge: You've taken classes  and you've been reading blogs and books, so I bet you have some of this already. What you don't know, what you're not sure of, we'll cover in a 1 hour consultation.
  2. Personalized Application: during our initial consultation, I'll help you figure out what the next steps are for you. Where to start and what to do next.  By the end of the conversation, you'll have a list of priorities and some soft deadlines on when you want to do them. This is entirely up to you, I won't force anything on you.
  3. Keeping it Up: We'll both put our soft deadlines in our calendars and we'll check in on them once a week. You can email me ideas, questions and concerns any time during this month. If I don't hear from you, I'll send a gentle reminder once a week. I will never push you or question you or ask you to explain yourself.

This is The Recipe.

The recipe is simple: 1 part clarity, 1 part application and 1 part consistency.

The special sauce is, well, me.

I've been working in small businesses for my whole life. My entire family is entrepreneurs and in elementary school I was helping Grams sew bridesmaid dresses. In high school I was the bookkeeper for my step-fathers gutter business. In college I worked at a tiny scrapbook store and quizzed the owner on how she made it work.  After college, I became the head of a paint-your-own-pottery studio and did it all: marketing, bookkeeping, P+L statements, hiring, firing, uh, everything!
I transitioned from that to my own yarn-making business by working in three different yarn shops. And for the last year I've been helping other crafty businesses through classes, articles and one-on-one help.

That experience has formed my philosophy of a gentle insistence on you-ness. Your business needs more of You. Your smarts, your vision, your style.

This means I never push you to do what I think.
I don't believe in  “shoulds”.
I use my super-powers of empathy and insight to see what is missing (or what is just budding in your own heart) and I point it out.

How The Recipe bakes a better biz

  • Discover the best Next Step for your business and your life
  • Stop losing time and money doing things that aren't growing your business in the way you want
  • Decide your OWN timeline, while ignoring “shoulds”
  • Learn to avoid the mistakes other new (or growing businesses) make
  • Follow through with gentle accountability

What you get, for $200

  • 1 hour of one-on-one figuring out what you need to do next (either on the phone or via private text chat)
  • Recording of our conversation
  • My notes – the ones I make before our conversation AND the good stuff I come up with right afterwards
  • Clear list of your priorities, so you know EXACTLY what you want to work on next
  • 4 weeks of gentle accountability via email
  • Exclusive offer for another month of  gentle accountability

What others have said

I have to tell you that it definitely feels like I have more of a handle on what is happening both systems-wise and schedule-wise.  That alone would have been worth the price of admission!

What happens next?

You'll click on Add To Cart and pay $200 via Paypal (whether you have an account or not, it's super simple and safe). I'll respond within 24 hours and we'll set up your hour-long chat, at a time that works for you.

After your session, we summarize what your priorities are and we set a time to check in (via email) weekly.

Need more than just one month? Want this tastiness for 3 months in a row? Check out the 3 course meal!

If you have ANY questions, ask me! tara@taraswiger.com