And learn to to talk to your…

Your tribe.
Your community.
Your people.

Whatever you call them, your business has them.

Those people who love your work and feel a deep thrum of recognition when they see your newest creation.

These are your Right People.

They are the ones you  buy from you, rave about you and support you.

You have a few…but how do you connect to them? How do find more?

You need to start writing, talking and tweeting directly to those Right People, in a language they understand, in the language they speak.

It sounds simple, but you’re used to running your business from your side of things. You have trouble flipping into their shoes, in seeing it through their adorably geeky glasses.

So you’re writing about your process, about your love for what you do, about the stuff you care about. And maybe you’re even collecting a small community of readers…but they don’t seem to turn into buyers.

You need a Translation Guide. You need to turn your perspective into things they care about. 


If you've tried marketing and promotion (blogging or emails or twitter), but you're not sure it'sworking, it's time to take an exploration. 

Take a 2 day exploration, deep into the world of your business, meet the people, and find the answers to your questions.

During the 2 day exploration:

  • We’ll talk about your blog (if that’s what you do), but also your sales pages, your descriptions, your emails, even your teeny tiny tweets. Anywhere where you’re talking to your people, we’ll make sure it’s clear and laser-focused. We’ll translate it into their language.
  • We start with who your people are.  We take your list of past customers and find connections – what do they have in common? Why did they decide to buy?
  • Then we dig into to what they say and how they say it, so you can speak their language.
  • Finally, we create a plan to create content (blog posts, emails, tweets, whatever you and your people use) to guide you in the future.


How it works:

Fill out the form at the bottom of this page  and we’ll email to determine if this is right for you and develop a plan for what we’ll work on. If it is right, I’ll send you a Paypal invoice and a list of possible dates to begin our exploration.

When you pay, you get an Explorer's Workbook, full of questions that will help both of us get to know your business and your people even better.  Fill it out and turn it in a week before our exploration.

Day 1:

We meet (on the phone or in person*) and review all the uncovered territory in your Guide (things you couldn't find the answer to, questions that came up for you, etc).

Then we look at what it all means. I'll help you identify the patterns of what your people do and want …and how that matches up with what you want from your business, and with your skills.

You'll learn (based on your own research!) what makes your people read, click and buy. You'll find out what they love and what they don't…and then we'll put together a plan to make more of what they love, to create content that they'll click.

We use everything we learn over the 2 days to create a Content Kit*, full of all of our ideas  –  a list of blog posts, or tweets, or a plan for an email newsletter. It also includes worksheets to help you capture all your future ideas and turn them into content your people will want  to read. With your Content Kit, you'll never wonder what to write about next.
*We work on this collaboratively via Google Docs, throughout the day.

Day 2:

On Day 2, we begin the Translation Guide – we'll turn what you want to say into the language of your people. With the Translation, you'll know how to talk with your people, in a way they understand, across all forms of communication (emails, blog, social media, product descriptions). We'll translate your passion into their interest.

At the end of Day 2, we get back together (via phone or text chat) and review everything you've learned and planned. You can ask follow-up questions and ideastorm more content.

By the end of the exploration you’ll have a list of topics, some specific headlines and several lines (or tweets) of it already written.

We move fast, this is an intensive 2 days.

At the end of it, you’ll have such a laser clear view of who your Right People are, you won’t be able to stop talking to them and thinking about them. You’ll fall in love with them. Everything you write will be clearer to them, so they know exactly why what you do matters to them.

You’ll stop writing for the wrong audience – for the people who don’t buy what you sell or don’t contribute.

You’ll avoid that dreadful – what should I write about freeze that keeps you from doing anything.


If you've read my book, then you recognize this structure; it follows the path you begin in Chapter 4, Discovering your Right People. But instead of just thinking about (or guessing) what your Right People want, we're going to do the research, and find the lanugage your people actually use.

And instead of doing it on your own, you've got a dedicated Exploration Partner!

During the 2 days of your exploration, you have my undivided attention – I only do one exploration at a time, so you've got me thinking, plotting and researching right alongside with you. You can send as many emails, questions, collaborative documents as you like during the 48 hours that we're exploring together and I will address every one.

(I do sleep 10 hours/night and eat and shower, of course.)

The 2 day Exploration is $500, and can be paid in payments (payed in full before we start exploring).

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I'll reply via email and we can start a conversation about whether the Exploration is right for you!

The 2 day Exploration includes:

  • Explorer's Workbook: a PDF full of 12 worksheets that help you find what your Right People want.
  • 2 days of my question-asking, answer finding, ideastorming, and practical systems.
  • Translation Guide  created together – 1-2 pages of language idea, so you can explain your thing to anyone, anywhere, in a way that excites them.
  • Content Kit: created together – blog post ideas, tweets, and/or email series



Side effects may include: Having clearer, more compelling product descriptions, Coming up with effective, non-salesy tweets that drive sales, becoming a rockstar to your audience of buyers and supporters.




Is this for me?

Maybe! Do you…

  • Currently have a creative business that has made some sales, but you don’t know why or how?
  • Wonder if your marketing efforts are a waste of time?
  • Feel your content (blog, emails, tweets) just aren’t doing anything? You’ve got readers, but not buyers.
Note: As you might have guessed, the Exploration is for people who already have People. You've made some sales (and gotten some feedback), or you have a large blog following that hasn't turned into a large customer following. Either way, it's important for the research process that you have some data to work with.
 *Want to do this in person? Me too! We'll spend all day sipping coffee, talking about your people and eating tasty food. Tell me in the form below where you live and we'll see if it works!


This a little intense for where you are right now?
Start with the book. Read the whole thing, then check out the Starship. You get to ask all your questions and work at a pace that works for you.

Too busy with customers and clients to dedicate 2 days to planning your content?
Hire me to be your First Officer.