You have limits.

Limits on your time, your money and your energy.
Whether everyday limits like needing food or shelter or more complicated limits like chronic illness or family responsibilities, you feel they're keeping you from growing your business.

Instead of acting like you should do it all…

Let's face the facts and learn how to work within those limitations.
Let's find a way to work with what we have.
Let's take control of the parts of our lives that we can.

And let's have fun doing it!

On November 10th, at 3p ET, Kirsty Hall will share her vision for working within your parameters, without giving up.

We'll learn how to approach these limitations without losing hope and how to build a system working with the realities of your situation.
No matter what is imposing limits on your business, this class will help you look at it clearly and work with it.

We'll build a sort of budget for our time and our energy.
One that honors our need for self-care.
One that builds in time for percolating.
One that makes this whole business-thing full of ease.

What you get, for $35:
  • Invitation to the live teleclass on November 10, 3p ET
  • mp3 recording of the class (can be played on computer or any mp3 player)
  • Summary of class (all of the major points + questions + answers)
  • Twitter chat following class (where you can ask your questions and share your stories)
  • Worksheet  for working within your limits
  • Weekly tips on growing a crafty business, via email

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Still have questions?
How does this work?

When you click “Register”, you’ll be taken to a Paypal page to pay (you don’t have to have a Paypal account).

Once you’ve paid, you’ll get an email with the invitation to the live call, with all the details.
At the appointed hour, you'll call the phone number provided and BAM! You're in the class with the rest of us! Woo!

Who is the teacher?

Kirsty Hall is an artist & purveyor of mad obsessive projects.

Despite having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, she has managed to combine art, motherhood and a business. An exhibiting artist since graduating in 2002, she has recently started selling her work online. She also runs SOS For Artists, a one-person business which helps creative people rock the internet.

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