Warning: This class is no longer available!

Wondering how you're ever going to get it all done?

Or does it just seem like everything takes too long, like everyday stuff should be easier?

You may think you need better time management.
But is it possible you just need better systems?

Wish it were a bit more streamlined, serene or systematized?

Yeah, me too.

Which is why I asked my friend Cairene, super-smart, totally relaxed, systems-evangalist to talk to us.

On July 22, 2010 she's going to answer some of my questions (and yours too!) about building systems for a crafy biz. You can join us for the conversation for $20.

This class is no longer available!

For $20, you'll get:
  • an invitation to the live interview
  • a chance to ask your own questions (via email or right in the interview)
  • a recording of the interview (emailed the next day)
  • a coupon for Cariene's Systems Lab

What systems?

Yeah, that was  first question I asked when I started working on this stuff.
We'll be talking about the systems that support smooth making, listing, shipping, and bookkeeping…but if you think of some areas that need a system, join us and ask about it!


Cairene MacDonald is a readiness educator who helps independent creative professionals learn how to improve the administration of their businesses, emphasizing right-brain strategies so clients can succeed and still be themselves.

Which is just a fancy-pants way of saying: She helps people stop hatin’ on their admin grunt work.
Because, of course, there’s nothing grunt-y about it. It can liberate you if you let it. And then, what’s there to dislike?

Cairene has been helping arty-types get organized one way or another for more than twenty years, supporting designers and architects, art coaches and gallery owners, writers and teachers, among others. The insights gained from these relationships, along with her own experiences as an artist, are the basis of her current work. She knows first-hand the challenges of trying to streamline one’s muse.

Cairene lives in Portland, Oregon. When she’s not preaching her message of administrative reconciliation to the creative masses, she’s probably hanging out with her husband and her dog. Or making something (because she secretly wants to be like all of you).

I've slept on Cairene's couch and can vouch for her generosity, sense of humor and total lack of judgey-ness when it comes to my own (often lacking) systems. I experienced her ultra-quick organizational prowess when I missed my train and had to rearrange everything about my 2 week trip. This girl is indispensable as a friend and an expert.

How does this work?

When you click “Register”, you’ll be taken to Paypal, where you’ll pay for the class (no need for a Paypal account, you can use a credit card). After you’ve paid, you’ll (immediately!) be emailed the details of the call.

At the appointed hour (July 22, 3pm ET), you’ll call the number and bam! You’re on a call with the other students. Cairene and I will discuss systems for the first 45 minutes or so and then will take your questions.

If you can’t make the call, you can STILL take the class, because all students will receive an mp3 recording of the class!

Is this for me?

Maybe! You'll find this super-useful if:

  • You sell your handmade goodness.
  • You are ready to invite a little smoothness into the process.
  • You are ready for your crafty business to grow in a comfortable way, without scrambling and disorganization.

If you really want to make a commitment to work on your crafty biz, you may want to check out the Crafty Biz (test)Kitchen. Everyone in the Kitchen is getting this class for free.

Can I buy this later?

Sadly, no. After July 22nd at 3pm, this class will NOT be available.
If you can't make the call, that's ok! Sign up and you'll get the recording after the call!

Still have more questions? Email me! taraATtaraswiger.com