You handmake something people love.

At least, the people who know about your thing love it.

But you don’t know how to share your thing with more people.
Without being slimy.
Or timid.
Or spending all your time on it.

You want to know what to do to get the word out.
And how to do it in a way that feels good.
And is fun.

Is that too much to ask?

I think not.

You want to share your thing (an grow your business) with the right people, while being yourself.

The good news: this is totally do-able.
The better news: there’s a systematic, not-overwhelming way to go about sharing your thing that succeeds when you are being you.

In this class, you will learn how to to share the you-ness that makes your thing unique and valuable.  You will also learn how to share that unique you-ness with the world in a non-icky, super-fun way.

What exactly will you learn?

Class 1:
Sharing your thing = connecting+ communicating
  • Discover the many ways to share your thing
  • Use social media to connect, instead of slime
  • Set up systems for connecting on a regular basis
  • Make a non-scary, super-fun-to-do plan for sharing
Class 2: Branding = Being yourself
  • Figure out the you-ness that makes your thing unique
  • Bring your you-ness to what you do
  • Discuss all the places your cohesive you-ness can show up
Class 3: Q+A
Students who took the live class asked a bunch of great quesitons about marketing and running a crafty business. The questions included:
  • What if my thing isn’t selling?
  • How has your marketing changed as your business has grown?
  • Am I wasting my time on this marketing?

Each class includes:

  • Recording of the class
  • Written summary of what was covered
  • Worksheets + Checklists to help you implement what you learned
This 3 week class is $89.

And yes, this was a live teleclass that’s already completed, so you’ll get to hear questions from a variety of different businesses!


In the hours after completing the last call, I got a bunch of new, wonderful questions, so I’m going to hold ANOTHER Q+A call in July. By registering now, you’ll get the opportunity to take part of that call and either ask your question live or send it in and have it answered on the call!

Ready to Register?

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How does this work?

When you click “Register”, you’ll be taken to a Paypal page to pay (you don’t have to have a Paypal account).

Once you’ve paid, you’ll get an email with a link and a password.

That link will take you to the Materials page, where you’ll find everything for the class!

What am I getting?
  • 3 recorded lessons (see above for details on the class topics)
  • A chance to ask any of your business questions (either on the phone or via email) to be answered during a future Q+A
  • Written summaries of all 3 classes
  • My daily marketing plan
  • Worksheet on creating your own marketing plan
  • Worksheet on bringing more YOU into your work
  • Checklist of all the places to bring your you-ness
  • List of business resources to learn more about sharing your thing
Who is the teacher?

Hi, I’m Tara Swiger and I’m the teacher.

I’m the owner of both Blonde Chicken Boutique, an online yarn shop filled with my handmade yarn, and A Novel Yarn, a bricks & mortar shop in filled with handmade yarn from a variety of independent fiber artists.

I quit my day job (as a secretary) to be a full-time fiber artist after running Blonde Chicken Boutique on weekends and evenings for 3 years. While building Blonde Chicken Boutique I learned that the MOST important aspect of my business was getting my stuff in front of the people who wanted to buy it.

Sounds simple, but it took me a lot of trial and error to learn!

In building A Novel Yarn I have poured over hundreds of fiber artists (and photographers and stitch-marker makers) websites and I’ve realized that a lot of crafty people need help in sharing their thing.

I need to learn “marketing” for my business!

Can I tell you a secret? This class is all about marketing…because marketing = sharing your thing.

Why didn’t you just call it Marketing for the Crafty Biz?

Well, I could have, but I think Marketing can sounds vague or corporate or scary.
And what you’re learning in this class couldn’t be farther from all these things.
You’re learning how to share your thing in a perfect-for-small-biz, super-you, ultra-comfortable way.

And marketing just doesn’t have that vibe, does it?

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Still have a more questions? Email me: blondechickenATyahoo