You're an experienced Captain.

You are comfortable navigating the stars.
Your brilliant business is adventure-tested and steady.

Well, not quite steady

While the hull and structure of your ship is sound, the Captain's room is in chaos.
It's all hands on deck…

But yours are the only hands.
And you've got more than a handful.

There are customers to satisfy.
Questions to repsond to.
Content to create.
Communities to build.

Your shimmering dream, your sparkling ship, needs a First Officer.

Every ship needs a different kind of First Officer.
For example:

You're a busy, in-demand copywriter who has visions of creating a product…but don't know where you'll find the time.
With your current clients and your long wait list, your product isn't a priority (although it is! If only you could finish it, maybe you could take on fewer clients?) and you can't seem to build momentum.
You wish someone would filter out the requests for your time (or just craft a sweet and succinct rejection template),  provide momentum with weekly check-ins and create space where your product is a priority (just knowing I'm waiting to hear about it makes it as important as your waiting clients).


You're a high-falutin' consultant with too many of the not-right kind of clients.
Charties who hire you on grants (not very steady!) or giant corporations (so boring!)…when what you really want is small, fast-growing companies in the creative and tech sectors. You know you should update your sales page, to speak to the clients you really want, but you don't have the time. And everytime you try, you get overwhelmed with it all (do you also change the nagivation? and the footer? and the images?).
You just want to talk to someone for about an hour and have them do it.


You're a creative coach and teacher with a zillion ideas for new courses, projects, and a video channel.
But you can't maintain your online presence and seclude yourself to work on your new projects. So you end up going completely dark (not great for your relationships with your community) or you just work in drips and drabs on your project. Nothing gets your full attention and it bums you out.
You want to keep engaging in a limited way, by putting it in the hands of someone you trust, for just a little bit, while you work on your newest project. You want to know you're not alone and you don't have to do it all by yourself.


You are a in-person consultant, with all your business happening live, face to face and through real-life networking.
But you're starting to realize that your clients aren't just looking at your website, but are also searching for you on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. You want to be professional and show up there, but you just don't have the time (or inclination).
You wish that you could just talk to someone who gets you and your people, maybe once a week or so, the way you talk to your girlfriends, and somehow all the relevant stuff would show up in a  professional way on the necessary social media.


If you're nodding along, then let's talk about what your First Officer might look like.


What new project are you working on?

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(Not sure what I could help with? That's ok! Just tell me what you want to be working on and we'll find a way to get you closer to that.)

Wondering about money?

Each First Officer Assignment is different.
It really does depend on what you need and for how long you need it. When we figure out what your First Officer needs are, I'll solidify it in a First Officer Assignment that we both agree on, with a set project price.  (So you never have to worry that our idea-storming conversations are going “too long”). For reoccurring work, you pay a retainer at the beginning of each month, but for one-time work you pay half the project fee when we start and the other half when you're satisfied that we're finished.


 We talked on the phone for an hour and a few days later Tara emailed me a fully formed offer page for my website. That was it.

Not only did she distill and clarify the the main elements of my mission, she cut through the crap that was holding me back from explaining myself in a straight-forward way. I’ve started quoting her words directly when talking to potential clients.

The whole process was easy, low-pressure, and exactly what I wanted.

Scott McDowell


If you feel a excited, but nervous, just think it over and then come back later, when you feel nice and calm.
(It's normal to read about this and choke up, or get sweaty and excited, or teary and relieved.)