Hello there, author!
I seem to be working with more and more authors (and even my own publisher!) and creating book launch plans, so I've compiled all my research into this one handy page. Here you'll find articles, books, and podcasts that I've found useful for my clients.
 If you'd like to craft a launch plan together, we can do that inside the Starship, with a one-on-one, followed by weekly check-ins!
(Soon I'll be offering special Book Launch one-on-one sessions, but for now the only place to find 'em is inside the Starship)

Launching the book:

Micheal Hyatt's (a New York Times Bestseller) How to Launch a Bestselling Book
(Note: unless you have a large enough platform to sell 20,000 books in a week, there's no reason to try the “wait to buy” formula – but his other advice is good stuff!)
From Forbes.com: “When trying to promote a book, the main place you want coverage is on a popular single-author blog or site related to your topic.” 
Blogcast FM interview with author Your First 1000 copies (and book launch specialist), Tim Grahl.

Doing a book tour:

Chris Guillebeau's take on a DIY Book Tour
(note: very few authors get book tours paid for by their publishers. This doesn't mean you can't craft your own!)


Your First 1000 copies (Did you know most books only sell about 350 copies?)


How to Craft an Email Series:
If you read any one of these articles or books, you'll find that they all rely on your list for success. They're referring to an email list of people who have signed up because they love you and want to hear about what you do. One of the most effective way I've found to keep these people happy and invested in you is to create an email series that they get automatically when they sign up. Bonus: You just write it once and every new person gets your best stuff. After walking MANY one-on-one clients through the process, I created a course around it. You can find it here. 

  • Diane Gilleland's launch of Quilting Happiness included blog posts, samples, live video streams, and in-person crafting parties! You can follow along here.
  • Heather's launch of What (else) Would Madame Defarge Knit, Too was mainly to her newsletter list. You can sign up (for free) for the mailing list to see how it works. (Heather is both a one-on-one client, and took my Autoresponder class.)
  • Paul Jarvis self-published his book and launched it via Kickstarter. I interviewed him about it here.
{This page is brand new, but updated weekly with the new stuff I read! Come back for more goodness}