According to my knitting students, I use the word wonky a lot.

“Oh, that's just a little wonky”
“What have you done here? You have invented a new form of wonky-ness!”
“While you're new, you can expect to have wonky tension. That is OK”

Because,well,  life is wonky.

New knitters are wonky.
New businesses are wonky.

And I am very wonky.

Full of paradoxes.

So this is my manifesto:

Be unapologetically wonky.

Wonky is
No straight lines,
easy paths,
or paint-by-the-numbers.

It is about being who you are, in the moment, knowing that in the next moment, you may be something else.

It's accepting that the you right now isn't necessarily the you of the future.
You are changing, growing, dying, birthing, creating and destroying.

And the best news is:
That is all the world needs you to be.
In order to succeed
In order to flourish
In order to flower.

Do it, be wonky.
Embrace the wonky.

Be unapologetic about your wonky-ness.


Admitting your wrongs is a good thing.
Come clean.

And then?
Move on.
Forgive yourself.
Accept forgiveness.

Don't apologize for wonkyness, imperfection or failing to fit in.

Apologize for snipyyness, sloppyness or flat-out wrongness.

But then?
Move on.

Embrace your fallibility.
It makes you:
A bit wonky.

And that's what I believe:
We are wonky and lovable.
Embrace it and live it unapologetically.