The Starship Adventure

When you don’t know what to do next.

When you’ve done everything you can think of in your creative business and it still isn’t quite what you want. When you’ve read the books, taken the classes, opened the shop, taken the pictures, written the descriptions.

But you’re not there yet. Not where you want to be and not certain how to get there. That not-knowing is a cold + lonely space. TS-exploreyourbiz The solution is not simply another class, another book, another pro/con list.

The answer is in an adventure. An adventure in defining where you really want to go. An exploration into finding the path to your (dream) destination. A map built for you. You, with your own particular sparkle, skills and style.

And a friendly crew to help you get there. A crew that has done it before (crafted their ideal business, approached a shop, sold at a craft show, written a book – wherever your journey leads you, there’s someone on our crew who has adventured into that space) and that will hold you (gently) accountable on the tiny things that fly you towards your dream destination.

I’ve been on that planet. I’ve adventured through the space of a sustainable business.

For over 6 years, I’ve crafted a business (and life) with my handmade yarn business.

First, I built it to be able quit my day job but 2 months after quitting my day job (yay!) my husband lost his job (boo!). And our car exploded. And our house got broken into and everything of value was stolen. So: I built a business that supports my entire family. I read the books, the blogs, the smarties. I experimented and tested and kept track of everything that worked (and didn’t). I found a community to support me. To hold me accountable. To ask those late-night-panic questions.

It took the combination of the learning + the community to make my business fly. I want you to have the same adventure, without those scary lost-in-the-darkness-of-space moments.

To support your adventure, I’ve combined everything you need: Regular map-making, a crew of smart captains, weekly accountability and one-on-one conversations.

What is The Starship?

• Weekly, gentle accountability check-ins where you get to ask me anything you like, in the chatroom Holodeck

• Quarterly Map-Making sessions. Four times a year we set new, reachable goals and boil it down to Next Steps (that actually get done)

• One on One Laserbeams of Clarity. Every 6 months you + I craft a personal Flight Plan (to launch your next product, to figure out next steps, to do whatever it is you want to do in your business!)

• 17 classes + guides aimed at exploring different aspects of growth, each with apply-it-to-your-own business worksheets. 17 are ready for you to download and work through as soon as you like, along with 4 LIVE classes each year.

• A private, online space to ask me (and all the other Captains on board) your questions + get specific Do This Next steps or encouragement

Not just for a month, but for an entire year.

The Starship is 12 months of membership, classes, check-ins and conversations, for $599 (payment plans available).

Heather OrdoverI love it so much, I’ve invited my friends into the Starship! I told them: It keeps you honest. It focuses you. It lets you know your questions/problems aren’t dumb. It lets you know you aren’t alone. It gives you a community where you feel safe asking questions. If that’s what you need, you need to join.

-Heather Ordover, author, designer and podcaster

Ready to boldly go?

The cost is $599 and there are payment plans available.Yay! I will be thrilled to have you!
But take a bit to think it over.

Boarding opens only once a quarter.

The cost is $599 and there are payment plans available. The next Open Boarding begins in late June. To get your Boarding Pass (ie, an email to let you know it’s open), sign up below:

beverly army Starship testimonial One of the aspects I love best about the Starship is the predictability of the weekly check-in questions, of the quarterly reflection prompts, of the map-making process. The rhythm of it all grounds me. At the same time, it’s an amazing, productive think tank. The Starship speaks to my need for order, and also to the creative, dreaming, wild side of me.

-Beverly Army Williams, writer and editor

What the Starship really does for you:

  • Answers your 3 am questions, so you’re not up all night trying to figure out what to do. Your answers may come in the form of a class, a forum post by someone else or you can ask  and someone will be by to help you with it.
  • Gently holds you accountable. When you share your goals, your intentions and just your weekly plan, you give it power. When we know what you’re doing, and ask you (sweetly, gently) how it’s going, you rise to the occasion, and actually get stuff done.
  • Envelops you in the friendly warmth of coworkers without ever actually getting out of your pjs. Yep, everyone in this space is working on the same goal (a creative biz!) but in our own ways. So whenever you’re feeling lonely or confuzzled, walk out to the water cooler and get some feedback or a cup of tea.
  • Connects you with resources. Whether it’s the answer to a question or just the person who can help you spread the word, the Starship will be gently hooking you up into a support system that will biggify you in a million ways.


More than anything, the Starship takes you where you want to go.

With the Map-Making, you define your destination. With the check-ins, you stay on the course. And with Laserbeams of Clarity, we zap anything in the way.

Vanessa Lavin I joined the Starship looking for help in writing a book about my life as a young cancer survivor. I mostly hoped that my fellow Captains would keep me accountable and on schedule and give me some encouragement as needed. The Starship helped me figure out just what I wanted to do and how to get there. Along the way, the other Captains have encouraged my ideas, given me push back on parts that I wasn’t entirely clear about and gave me inspiration to try things that terrified me. I worried about fitting into the Starship since I’m not a maker nor a pattern designer; I’m mostly a writer and a crafter. They welcomed me with open arms and I found that I did fit right in. I’ve formed solid connections with Captains which has helped me form solid connections to my blog readers. I’ve gained insight to who I am and who I want my business to cater to. I feel like this solid understanding of my personal path and my business’s path has made my blogging content more approachable and more fertile for new ideas.

-Vanessa Laven, writer and speaker


Here’s a list of destinations that Starship Captains have dreamed of (and accomplished) in the last six months:

  • Riin attended her first trade show and landed her first sales rep.
  • Ana quit her day job to run her yarn business full time!
  • Heather released her first novel.


The heart of the Starship is our weekly Holodeck Parties.

You show up and you check-in: Whatcha workin’ on? What’s going well? How can we help? I’m there for help, encouragement, and my undivided attention…and so are lots of other small-biz smarties.


I try to make it to the Starship chats every week. I find that Tara’s questions help me look back at my whole week (instead of just the past day or two) and see what I’ve accomplished, where there were challenges, and marvel at how much really got done. Plus, Tara and my fellow Starshippers are great at brainstorming ideas and finding a way past the maze of “shoulds” and “buts” to some great solutions to seemingly difficult problems. Even if I don’t put the advice to work right away, the Starship chats always help me check my course and make sure I’m not about to sail myself off a cliff.

-Amy Crook, artist

Got something specific to work on?
Check out the classes in the library (immediately + continuously accessible):


  • Chart Your Stars - Plan, dream, get real + get ideal on your next year in business. And then it bring it to the Starship + get use-it-now advice.
  • Map-Making Guide - Step by step plan to take you from where you ARE to where you WANT TO BE. Includes 6 worksheets and 3 colorful maps.
  • Explore You – This three week course helps you improve one area of your business through attention and exploration.
  • Pay Yourself – 6 video lessons + apply-it-now worksheets on finding the profit in your current business and paying yourself (finally).


  • Automagical Email Series – Connect with your people in a regular, easy way. This e-course walks you through your options as you plan your first series, with 4 videos and a workbook.
  • How to Talk About Your Work – In this three-part class you’ll find the right words to describe your work and who it’s for.


  • Busting the Blog Myth: Creating a blog that gets you want you want – My collaboration with Diane of, this workbook has 4 lessons and 6 worksheets to move your blog from eh to oh yeah!
  • Finding + Wooing your Right People – Your guide to finding buyers, keeping them happy, all while staying true to the you-ness that keeps them smitten
  • Right People 201: Dig deep into who your Right People are and where you’ll find them.
  • Pricing your Handmade Awesomeness – Stop stressing if the price is right. This class includes 3 mathematical equations to find your price AND talks about the harder, emotional stuff that goes into pricing.
  • Systems 101: Figure out the systems you already have and the systems you need to keep everything running smoothly!
  • Rock the Shop – Wanna sell to local boutiques? Two hours, 2 checklists and 3 worksheets until you can do it with ease.
  • Rock the Show – Stop stressing over the craft show and get your goodness on the road (fun + profitably!)
  • Bake Sale Marketing – This is a doozy! 5 hours and a pile of worksheets to walk you through every aspect of spreading the word in a way that feels awesome to YOU.
  • How to Make Money – The inside look at everything I do to make money, with tips on branching into more income streams.
  • How to love Marketing – Feel icky? I know, it can be gross, which is why I spend an hour reminding you of all the fun, totally you ways to seduce the Right People.
  • Delightful Newsletter – Don’t know what to say? or how to get people to sign up? We cover it all in this hour.
  • Holiday Sanity – 4 weeks of planning for your holidays in a no-stress, no-should way. Expect a Cookie Party. Yes.

And, you’ll get everything new I do in the next year:

This includes:

  • Chart Your Stars – Plan your next year right, by becoming oriented in where you are, and finding your North Star to lead you forward.
  • Create a Customer Path: In this brand-new class you’ll identify the path you’re building for a future customer + how to improve it (we’ll talk email newsletters, social media, and your blog)
  • More classes, workbooks, and adventures!
  • More than 1/2 off next year’s Boarding Pass.


Boarding opens only once a quarter.

The next Open Boarding begins in late June.

To get your Boarding Pass (ie, an email to let you know it’s open), sign up below:


What happens after I buy?

In order to purchase, click the big  big “BEAM UP” buttons and you’ll be zapped over to Paypal to pay. When you’ve finalized payment, you’ll get an email within 24 hours with your sign-up link. (Watch your Paypal email address, that’s where it’ll come!)
Click through that email and Whoosh! You’re all aboard! You can get your pressing business questions answered today!

Jill Wolcott“I find great resources among the other Starship members, and I really love having the weekly accountability (if you want it) of telling someone what I’m doing.  This is making a ton of difference in how I get my work done, how I value it, and how I prioritize my time.
In the 2.5 months I’ve been on the Starship I have seen real differences in myself as a business owner, and my ability to see how to move my business ahead in the direction I want it to move.”
-Jill Wolcott, Jill Wolcott Knits

Need to think it over?

The Starship is a commitment, from you to your business and from me to you and your success. While you think it over, get to know the other captains and hear their stories and lessons, by signing up here.

You’ll get an email mini-course, introducing you to some of the awesome Captains that are already on board, and their own business lessons. And you’ll get a last-minute warning before it closes on 3/28.

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